10 Nov


Inspiration seminar: “Biologg – nature as a game”

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A hand is holding a smart phone with the app Biologg open, standing in a forest.

Have you heard of using hackathons to find ideas for how to use open data? Come and be inspired by the team behind the app Biologg!

This lunch seminar will be held in Swedish but will be recorded, translated and made available with English subtitles afterwards. 

The SLU University Library together with Overstellar and SLU Swedish Species Information Centre invited you to a lunch seminar about Biologg – an app where users can collect observations of species in nature. The app is based on open data from SLU Swedish Species Information Centre and the idea was developed during Hack for Sweden 2018, where it was one of the winning entries. After the hackathon Overstellar continued to develop their idea into a finished app that was released in the summer of 2019. Together, Overstellar and SLU Swedish Species Information Centre have now received grants from Vinnova to further develop how the data collected via the app can be made available for research and nature conservation.  
Hack for Sweden is an innovation competition with the aim of meeting societal challenges by using open data digitally. SLU is taking part in challenging hackers in this autumn’s Hack for Sweden 365, and the seminar is organised to inspire participation in the competition.  
Anna-Karin Bergkvist and Daniel Eriksson, Overstellar 
Matts Djos, SLU Swedish Species Information Centre 
Sabina Lundberg, SLU University Library