28 Oct

A link will be sent out closer to the workshop, to those who have registred, Zoom

An awareness-raising online workshop with Make Equal

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The Committee for Equal Opportunities at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences arranges an awareness-raising online workshop, facilitated by the foundation Make Equal. All employees and students at SLU are welcome to join! 

Malin Averstad Ryd, equality consultant at the foundation Make Equal, leads the awareness-raising online workshop.

  • What are norms and how do they affect us?

  • How can we act in a more norm-creative manner and contribute to a more equal and inclusive society?

  • By starting with ourselves and exploring our part in maintaining and reinforcing excluding norms, we can shift from unconscious incompetence towards an unconscious competence.

During the workshop, we will do exercises, individual reflections and discuss in groups. 

Register here as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on what will be an inspiring afternoon. The number of participants is limited to 60, and the last day for registration is 22 October.

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