16 May

The library, Uppsala

Worth knowing: Nitrogen and plant growth

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Come to the library and listen to Martin Weih talk about nitrogen and its importance for plant growth and agriculture. The NJ Faculty offers the 20 first attendees a light lunch.

Nitrogen is an essential element for all plants and for all members of the food chain, herbivores as carnivores. Fixation of nitrogen in soil is a challenge and control over the nitrogen cycle is a key tool for enhancing the crop yields and feeding all hungry mouths. The lecture will disclose the processes acting for nitrogen gain and loss in soils and will unveil some approaches to sustainable agriculture.




Time: 2019-05-16 12:15
City: Uppsala
Location: The library
Organiser: Department of Crop Production Ecology & the SLU University Library
Additional info:
The Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences offers the first 20 participants a free lighter meal, which is served from 12:00. 
The presentation takes about 20 minutes and will be given in English. Afterwards, there's time for follow-up questions and discussion. 

The presentation is a part of the concept "Worth knowing..." – a series of open lunch seminars at SLU. We invite students and employees at SLU, as well as the general public! 

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