16 May
24 May

SLU University Library, Umeå, Uppsala, Alnarp

Book exchange week at the SLU University Library

Do you have books at home that you have already finished reading, will never read or are just tired of looking at? Come to the SLU University Library between May 16th and 24th and exchange it for a new one. Book exchange is free, fun and climate-smart!

The SLU University Library celebrates the Great Book Exchange Day ("Stora bokbytardagen" in Swedish) on May 16th. We put up a table where you can leave books and maybe find a new one in its stead. The book exchange table is inaugurated at 12.45 and the library invites to coffee. The table will be present in the library until May 24th.

Welcome to change books!


Time: 2019-05-16 - 2019-05-24
City: Umeå, Uppsala, Alnarp
Location: SLU University Library
Organiser: SLU University Library

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