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The innovation competition Food Hack

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The Food Hack is a 48hour long innovation competition and food conference for the global food community initiated by Krinova & the research council for sustainable development – Formas. This year’s theme is “A Healthier Planet” we set out in association with Formas, research council for sustainable development, to tackle challenges related to the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations in their Agenda 2030.

Food and the food system design play a vital role in fulfilling these goals to ensure access to food, water, and renewable energy while preserving ecosystems, biodiversity, and stable and equal societies. Hackers will work in teams to set up projects boosted by the latest research and experienced mentors. All in the spirit of challenge driven open innovation!

Read more and sign up here.

Information flyer from the organisers.


Time: 2019-03-15 - 2019-03-17
City: Kristianstad
Organiser: Krinova and Formas
Additional info:

You can apply for a travel grant from SLU Future Food to participated in the event. The instructions can be found here.

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