Preparing for a job interview

Last changed: 29 January 2024

Your application worked like a charm and a job interview has been scheduled. Now you have the opportunity to present yourself and convince your prospective employer that you want the job.

Attending a job interview is, for many, an unfamiliar situation. With careful preparation, however, you can feel confident and relaxed when meeting your prospective employer. The interview will usually consist of a number of questions the employer has prepared in advance. To start with, they will talk about the company and the position available. You will then have the chance to present yourself and the employer will ask their questions. There are usually two to four people present at an interview and they often have different roles. You should allow about an hour for a job interview.

The employer is not the only one who can ask questions at the interview and you should prepare a few questions of your own. Being proactive and asking questions shows that you are really interested in the company and the position. The answers can also provide you with additional information about the job you have applied for.

In the movie below are the most common questions from a Swedish employment interview. An explanation why the question is asked, and how you can prepare yourself, follow each question.


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