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Last changed: 18 October 2022

Do you want to create a survey?

SLU has signed an agreement with Netigate to use their web-based survey tool.

Netigate is a Swedish company which has many major clients throughout Europe. Their survey tool is flexible and versatile, both for creating surveys and for producing reports based on the responses received. The system has some good help functions, including written manuals and short demo videos.

To use the Netigate tool, you need to log in at

If you want to create a survey, you can obtain a Netigate login by contacting IT support, either by telephone on +46 (0)18 67 66 00 or by e-mailing


SLU IT-Servicedesk


Tel: 018-67 66 00

(+46-18-67 66 00 when calling from outside Sweden)

Open 08.00-16.00