Information about your student account

Last changed: 11 February 2022

When you begin studying at SLU you will get a user account which you should use to most of our IT systems. The computers are members of something called AD (active directory), which is a system that makes it easier for us to handle computers, printers, network, etc. So when you log on to a SLU computer you actually do not log on only to the computer. You will also be logged on to our internal network.

About passwords

Your user account is protected with a password which is personal and secret. You are responsible for everything that is done through your account so you should never lend your log on data to anyone else. If an unauthorized person is able to log on to your account he or she can for instance download copyright protected movies or music, take interest in child pornography or send spam, all in your name. Do not forget that the log on data will not give access only to your data files, but also to your mail account.

If hackers get access to SLU accounts there is a risk that our computers will be used for spreading spam, which can lead to a situation where all mail from SLU will be blacklisted by other universities, authorities etc. If that happens it can take a long time before we will be trusted again by all those who we wish to communicate with.

It is not unusual that people use the same password at many sites/services on the Internet. The danger with that is obvious.If hackers get access to a database containing user accounts  they can get access to several different services for a person. Therefore, it is not allowed to use other personal passwords to your SLU account.  

How do I change my password? If you are logged on to a SLU computer you can click Ctrl+Alt+Del. That makes the computer display a dialogue box where you can change your password.

It is also possible to change the password when you are logged on to webmail. Either you can click in the checkbox ” I want to change my password after logging on”, or you can click the button ”Options” in the upper right corner of the screen after you have logged on.

About data storing

It is important that you save your data files (Word documents, Excel files etc.) in a safe way. The best way is to save all important files in our common storage systems. These systems are server based. The IT department administrates and looks after themand also makes backup copies of everything stored in the system.

Note! You cannot store the data in the computers own disk (C:\) in the computer labs! A disk in a computer might crash and result in you loosing your data. There might be situations when you temporarily must save your work on these uncertain media, but don’t forget to make a backup copy as soon as possible.

You can store a maximum of 10 GB data on the file server.

How long will you have access to your student account?

The student account will be inactivated seven years after you have registered for a course for the last time. That means your mail account will stop working at the same time.

How long can you use your data storage area at SLU?

Your personal folder in SLU’s data storage system will be deleted one year after your degree, or when the Ladok system shows that you have not fulfilled and passed any new courses for the last twelve months. A good advice is thus to save your files at some storage media of your own, if you wish to have access to the files after your degree, or when you have finished your studies at SLU.