Access to databases and e-magazines requires VPN

Last changed: 02 February 2017

Many of the databases, e-magazines and other electronic resources that SLU has paid a license fee for can only be used internally at SLU. So if you are at home or some other place outside SLU you must connect to the SLU network via VPN before you try to get access to these services.

Who is allowed to use VPN?

Everyone who is a student or employee at SLU can use our VPN function for making a safe connection between a computer outside SLU and the SLU network. To make it work you must have a user account in the Active Directory at SLU.

How do I start using VPN?

The best thing to do when you wish to begin using VPN is to read one of the user manuals which you can find below.

If you feel impatient you can go directly to, choose the group "Default", type in your AD acount name and password and click Login. The web page will then try to download the client to your computer and start the VPN connection.

More information

Most of the services at SLU, beside the web pages, have some kind of restrictions that rules who is able to use the service. Often these restrictions are designed so that you must have an IP address belonging to the SLU network. By using VPN you will get a safe connection between your computer and SLU, and you will also get an IP number in the SLU network.


If you are using a Mac you must also configure the proxy settings in your web browser. Read the guide below!

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