About Dropbox

Last changed: 11 February 2022

It is not possible to install or use the downloaded Dropbox client on SLU’s student computers. Instead, we ask you to use the web version of Dropbox at www.dropbox.com, where you can access your documents online.

This way to handle Dropbox is decided in order to increase the performance and the reliability of the SLU computers. This will also help to reduce the “login time” for you.

In order to save your documents on your SLU account, use “My documents” or “My desktop” (you can access your personal folders from any student computer within SLU).

For further questions, please contact IT support: IT-stod@slu.se, 018-67 66 00.


SLU IT-Servicedesk

E-mail: support@slu.se

Tel: 018-67 66 00

(+46-18-67 66 00 when calling from outside Sweden)

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