Pay with Payex

Last changed: 22 March 2017

The cost for printing or copying will be charged and withdrawn from the students personal account in the joint payment system Payex.

What is a Payex account?

PayEx Account is an electronic wallet ruled by Lagen (2002:149) om utgivning av elektroniska pengar.

That means that Payex Account is a general payment method which can be used for paying for example varying services at universitys or e-shops in Scandinavia.

It is free to register for a Payex account, it is easy to use and as a student you do not have to pay any fee when paying with your Payex account.

Note that if you do not have a Swedish personal code number (social security number) you must send a copy of your passport together with your Payex account number.

Follow the instructions you will found in the e-mail that Payex will send you after the registration.

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