Email in your mobile phone

Last changed: 11 February 2022

Would you like to read your student e-mail in your mobile phone? It is possible for students at SLU to connect the student e-mail account to a smartphone.

Due to the fact that there are so many different phone models it is not possible for us to give individual support for each existing model, but here you can find some basic information that you will need to be able to configure your phone as an e-mail client.

At Internet there are instructions for most of all the various phones which are able to connect to the e-mail system MS Exchange. You can try to search for ”[your phone model] connect to Exchange account”, for example ”Iphone 5 connect to Exchange account” and you will probably find instructions for connecting your specific smartphone to the e-mail server.

Server setting

Here are the settings you will need:

  • Email address: Your email address at SLU. E.g.
  • Type of account: Microsoft Exchange. In some models it is called Exchange active sync or something similar.
  • Server:
  • Domain:
  • SSL: Should be checked/activated.
  • User name: The same that you use when logging on to the computers at SLU. (Your AD account, e.g. abcd0001)
  • Password: The same that you use with your AD account.
  • Description: Optional.


If your phone does not have a separate field for ”domain” you can type\[your account] in the field ”User name”. E.g.\abcd0001. This is rather common in phones with Android as operating system.

  • The settings for SSL you can in some models find in the option ”advanced”, ”more settings” or something similar.
  • If you get a message saying that the account name or password is wrong and you have some special characters in your password you can try to change the password to something without special characters. Some mobile phones cannot handle special characters (£, %, & ? and so on) in a proper way.
  • Some Android phones might get problems connecting for the first time if the phone is connected to a wireless network (Wi-Fi). If that happens you should shut down Wi-Fi in your phone and make the configuration with the phone connected only via 3G or 4G. When you have got it working so that the e-mails shows up in your phone you can start Wi-Fi again.
  • When you change the password for your AD account you must remember to change it manually in your phone.

You can find information about passwords here.