Michelle Jobusch: University of Copenhagen - Denmark

Last changed: 21 December 2023
Michelle scratches the teeth on a horse in a stable

An amazing experience that has made me grow as a person, but also made me more confident in myfuture career as a veterinarian. I am very thankful to have met so many nice people, learn so muchabout veterinary medicine and to live in beautiful Copenhagen. All this knowledge and memories I will happily take with me back home to Sweden.

Why did you want to do an exchange?

I love meeting new people, explore new destinations and learn about different cultures, and therefore always wanted to travel more outside of Sweden. But at the same time, I love to study veterinary medicine and didn´t want to take a break from my studies to be able to travel. The perfect solution was to take part in an Erasmus exchange, where I could do both at the same time!

The university of Copenhagen offers one of the world’s best veterinary educations in the world, the courses offered resembled the ones at SLU (which is necessary to be able to do an exchange) and learning Danish (the education is in Danish) came easy to me. All of this made me decide to take this great opportunity and do the Erasmus exchange in Copenhagen.

Which courses did you take?

The courses I took where: General Clinical Practice, Large Animals (SVEK13008U), General Clinical practice, Companion Animal (SVEK13023U) and Equine Clinic Track (SVEK13012U). All of the three courses, but especially Equine Clinic Track, included lots of hands-on on the hospital, combined with the right amount of seminars. All the courses are taught in Danish and take place at the university’s respective animal hospitals. The University of Copenhagen offers modern facilities with very engaged professors.

What was the student life like outside of your courses? 

Due to the corona pandemic, most of the social activities were cancelled. But usually there is a student association for veterinary students, that will have multiple of fun activities planned. When the restrictions loosened up, it was great exploring the city. I recommend buying a bike since it easily takes you around and outside the city and gives you a great view of all the beautiful buildings and parks.

  • There are lots of nice places to go, but here are my five favorites:
    Boat tour! You can take a guided boat tour (takes ca 1 hour) from Nyhavn and around the cannels of Copenhagen. You will learn a lot about city and get inspired for new places to go and explore further.
  • Food markets. There are lots of them and something for everyone. Me myself liked the one at “Broens Gadekøkken” where there is tasty burgers and milkshakes.
  • Frederiksberg have. A beautiful park, which also gives you a free glimpse to Copenhagen Zoo´s elephants, giraffes and pelicans.
  • Bispbjerg Kirkegård. If you are here in spring, don´t miss out on all the cherry trees blooming.
  • Christianshavn. A bit of an alternative place, where you can find art, handcraft and small cozy concerts.

What was your best experience during your exchange?

Getting so much hands-on during Equine Clinical Track. It´s amazing how much I have learned, and I feel now way more confident to work as a veterinarian in the future.

What was the biggest challenge during your exchange?

There is a LOT of paperwork and practical things one must take care of on your own. Since it´s very uncommon for veterinary students to do exchanges, I had to figure out a lot of things on my own. There is not an introduction for veterinary exchange students, but instead you just start school and are expected to know everything as well as the other Danish students (that have studied at the University of Copenhagen the last 4 years..!). It´s very overwhelming in the beginning and on top of that you don´t know anyone and have a bit of difficulties to communicate with people in Danish. The corona pandemic didn´t make any of this easier either. But students and teachers are very nice, and once you tell them about you being an exchange student they will understand and, if they can, help you.

Advice for future exchange students

Be prepared and in good time with as much as you can!
Find a housing and move a few weeks before your exchange, walk around the campus and try to find your way around the area- it will reduce a lot of stress. Be prepared for lectures and seminars- it makes it easier to follow and gives you an opportunity to ask relevant questions.

Try if all your login and student cards work as soon as you receive them- my card didn´t work at first, which I needed to be able to enter the animal hospital and go to class… Fixing it took a couple of weeks, so it was good I was in good time. Remember all the papers and deadlines for your exchange! – There are many of them and they are important!

BUT also, remember to be kind with yourself. An exchange is challenging and stressful especially in the beginning, and things will be tough. That´s completely normal and OK, and I promise that it will be all good in the end. Don´t be afraid to ask for help, people like helping!

AND also, have fun. Studying will take a lot of time, but it´s important to also take a break and to enjoy the exchange. Accept that maybe you won´t be as good as your Danish classmates in school and don´t compare yourself with them too much, because they have other conditions than you. Focus instead on yourself and remember how much you are learning and evolving!

You are more than welcome to contact me, I love helping and answering further questions. You can just send me a text on Facebook (Michelle Jobusch) or email me on mijh0001@stud.slu.se.


Name: Michelle Jobusch
Exchange at: University of Copenhagen
Program at SLU: Veterinary medicine
Period of exchange: autumn 2020 + spring 2021 (2 semesters)