Get to know Skinnskatteberg

Last changed: 26 February 2024

Skinnskatteberg is located in the heart of Bergslagen, and lies in close proximity to the Övre Vättern and Nedre Vättern lakes. While there are only 4 800 inhabitants in Skinnskatteberg, the county itself is quite large and provides plenty of wide-open space. In fact, students at SLU’s Skinnskatteberg campus have access to 3 000 hectares of hunting ground.

Skinnskatteberg is situated in central Sweden, where approximately 4 million people live within a radius of 180 km. To travel to Skinnskatteberg, you can catch a train that runs between Örebro and Avesta. If you prefer other modes of transportation, the closest airport is Västerås and the bus service is organised by Västmanlands Local Traffic. 

As a student in Skinnskatteberg you have many accommodation options, from student dormitory rooms to renting a house and sharing it with fellow classmates. In comparison to other university areas, it is very easy for students to find appropriate accommodation in Skinnskatteberg. 

The School for Forest Management is one of SLU’s smallest campuses. The main lecture theatre is Skinnskatteberg’s Manor House which dates back to the 1700’s. SLU materialised its vision of providing modern education in a historic environment by building Skinnskatteberg’s Learning Resource Centre. A library, computer rooms, reading areas and a student café are found on campus and help to create a stimulating learning environment. A small campus also means short information paths and strong cooperation between students, teachers and administrative staff members. 

The Student Union for the School for Forest Management is very active and works to ensure that students enjoy their time on campus. Several traditional parties are organised during the academic year and even students from other university areas are able to attend. The Student Union occupies the sport’s centre and gym during different times and various athletic activities are arranged for students. The Student Union promotes high quality education and has representatives in different decision-making bodies at the University. 

During the green season educational activities are often conducted outside the classroom and in the nearby environment. The picturesque nature surrounding SLU’s Skinnskatteberg campus makes it easy to find exciting destinations for class excursions.  In the county, students can enjoy picking berries and finding mushrooms in the forests. There are also ten nature reserves, and many pristine lakes and watercourses nearby. As a student at Skinnskatteberg you can use the university owned boats, so feel free to bring along your fishing rod and test your luck in the fishing grounds. 

The annual ‘’Royal Hunt’’ has a long history in the Bergslagen forests. The Royal family’s hunting privileges allow them to hunt moose in Bergslagen, and was passed down from Oscar II to his son Gustav V after his death.  After many years this tradition has been passed down to today’s Royal family. As a student at the School for Forest Engineers you probably won’t be invited to the Royal Hunt, however, you will have access to over 3000 hectares of hunting ground. 

There are a wide variety of club activities on offer to students at the School for Forest Management. For example, you can join a football team, go skiing, practice judo, orienteering, shooting and even bowling.