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Closing ceremony in Alnarp 2022

Published: 25 April 2022

This year's closing ceremony for all graduates will be held in conjunction with Thesis day on 25th May 2022.

The closing ceremony will take place at 15.30 after the Thesis Day.

The purpose of Thesis Day is to spread the knowledge that comes out of our students' independent/degree projects to a broader audience in society. This day also gives SLU an opportunity to celebrate the students and put a focus on the fantastic research projects.

Thesis day consists of a digital poster exhibition (opens at 10.00), a live event at the campus with oral presentations and awards, followed by networking and celebration between 13.00 -15.00. Thereafter the closing ceremony for all graduates begins with the program below.

Program at Loftet

15.00 Sparkling drinks and chips at Loftet, Alnarpsgården (together with Thesis day)

15.30 The ceremony opens

15.35 Introductory speech (Dean Christina Lunner Kolstrup)

15.40 Horticultural science

15.50 Plant biology for sustainable production

15.55 Landscape Architecture

16.05 Band ”Brass Benders”

16.15 Break

16.30 Agroecology

16.40 Hållbar stadsutveckling

16.50 Outdoor environment for Health and Well-being

16.55 Closing of the ceremony (Dean Christina Lunner Kolstrup). Then sparkling drinks and canapes at Loftet, Alnarpsgården


Karoline Schua, Education officer/ Education Administrator
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