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Grocery store opens at Ultuna

Published: 20 September 2019

This autumn, an unmanned grocery store is opening at Ultuna. Since it is just unmanned, it is open around the clock. To enter and shop and pay, registration is required in an app on the phone.

The store will be located in Ultuna park at the beginning of Ulls väg where there used to be a restaurant serving Thai food. The store will be fully stocked with 500 different items, from basic to fresh, according to Lifvs.

It is Akademiska hus who has signed a ten-year agreement with the chain Lifvs. During the year, Lifvs opened similar stores in the Stockholm area.

The store at Ultuna is expected to open in October or November.

How to do

Lifv's website contains information on how to proceed.

Pictures from Lifvs.

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