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Students in Life Science met at campus Ultuna for a conference about sustainability

Published: 22 November 2019

Last week, ELLS Scientific Student Conference took place at Campus Ultuna. At the conference, students from several international top universities in Life Science competed with their degree projects.

- I think it is very interesting how reserach is conducted in other parts of the world on the same subject. At this conference everything is about sustainability and I am very eager to learn more about how other students work in this field, says Luka Blankevoort from Wageningen University.

Her thesis is about how to translate environmental sustainability of food by the use of a label that she has invented. She hopes that her innovation can be implemented in Europe in the not too far remote future. This conference can help with her vision.

- Talking with students from all over Europe is really contributing because we can exchange ideas and work together for further cooperation.

Over 200 students attended the conference. The prizes were awarded in four categories:

  • The future use of natural resources
  • Green entrepreneurship
  • Solutions for an urban ecosystem
  • Innovations in the food chain

Here are the winners

Solutions for an urban ecosystem

Oral presentation: Damien Veiga Löffel, Science

Poster: Alysha Vehre, UHOH

Green entrepreneurship

Oral presentation: Daniela Schaetzel, UHOH

Poster: Johana Šimčíková, CZU

Innovations in the food chain

Oral presentatioen: Lucie Svadbíkovám, CZU

Poster: Miek Schlange, WUR

The future use of natural resources

Oral presentation: Sebastian Hinderer, UHOH

Poster: Louise Bonnier, WUR