9 Nov

Björken, Umeå

Let’s talk science! The carbon balance of managed and unmanaged boreal forests

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An analysis of the carbon stock changes in boreal forests based on the national reports to the United Nations show that the carbon stocks of managed boreal forest landscapes have been increasing. In less intensively utilized forests, where the carbon losses due to forest fires have been significant, the carbon stocks have remained relatively unchanged.

This conclusion was drawn in an international research report that analyzed data reported to the UNFCCC by the countries in the “northern coniferous forest belt” during the years 1990–2017. Peter Högberg, who led the writing of the report presents conclusions from the report and how the researchers dealt with the challenges that the UNFCCC data posed.

The Faculty of Forest Sciences invites you all to come and listen to Peter Högberg and engage in a scientific discussion on this topic and the implications of the results.

We would also like to have suggestions from you all. Which department will arrange the next “Let’s talk science!”? And what will the topic be?

Moderator: Hjalmar Laudon


Annika Mossing, Communications Specialist
Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU
annika.mossing@slu.se, 0727-10 39 44