23 Sep

Online via Zoom

Alumni Talks

Alumni Talks speakers Tomas Nilsson and Olle Forshed. Photo.

Meet two alumni from SLU who will talk about what they have been up to since their studies.

It's time for the second webinar of Alumni Talks - a webinar series with the opportunity to listen to alumni who will share stories from their time as students, talk about what they have been doing since they graduated and give you a sneak preview of what they are doing today.

Welcome to listen and ask questions in our chat.

The webinar will be in English.

On 23 September we have

Tomas Nilsson, Faculty Member, Werklund School of Agriculture Technology at Olds College, and

Olle Forshed, Expert Rainforests and Tropical Forestry at WWF Sweden



Olle Forshed

Olle wants to save the rainforests! These magical and beautiful places contain so much life in different forms, and stand for so much of adventure and discovery for humans.

This is how he has felt since he read his first Tarzan magazine. They just must remain! This conviction took him to study forests (Jägmästare) at SLU, from which he graduated in 1999.

After some years, he continued at SLU as a PhD-student, with studies in rainforest management and ecology, and graduated in 2006.  Olle has since 2010 worked at WWF Sweden with a number of different projects linked to rainforests and their inhabitants. Olle Forshed was awarded SLU Alumnus of the year in 2013.


Tomas Nilsson

Tomas Nilsson recently started a new challenge as a Faculty member at Olds College Werklund School of Agriculture Technology teaching Business, Economics, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. For many years, Tomas has gained decision-making and analytical experience working for the University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta as both Senior Director for Economic Research and Modelling and Manager for Sustainable Economy.

Tomas grew up in a small village outside of Uppsala and during his studies at SLU, he went on an student exchange year at Purdue University, Indiana, USA. After finishing his MSc in Agriculture at SLU, he pursued a PhD at Purdue. Since 2005 Tomas has lived in Edmonton, Canada and has a broad experience working in academia, government and the private sector. Tomas has proved to be a brilliant professional with impressive skills in in-depth analysis on multidimensional projects and in entrepreneurship.




Time: 2020-09-23 12:15 - 12:50
City: Online via Zoom
Organiser: SLU Alumn