24 Mar

Aspen, Umeå

Welcome to the docent lectures at the Faculty of Forest Sciences

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On March 24, two docent lectures will be held at SLU in Umeå. The lectures will be broadcasted. Due to COVID-19, we recommend that you follow the lectures via the web.

10:00: Petter Axelsson (biology)

Why intraspecific genetic variation matters for the broader understanding of ecology and function of forest ecosystems

The lecture will be held in English

11:00: Judith Lundberg-Felten (biology)

Open the gates! How fungi pass tree root walls.

The lecture will be held in English


Time: 2020-03-24 10:00
City: Umeå
Location: Aspen
Organiser: SLU
Additional info:

The lectures will be broadcasted live via the web at https://play.slu.se.

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