16 Sep


Workshop in R tidyverse

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R tidyverse is a collection of packages that makes it easier to handle data. For example, it provides easy to read code to filter out observations using certain conditions, to select specific variables, create new variables or to compute group means or other data summaries.

We would like to invite Ph.D. students and researchers to a workshop in R tidyverse on September 16, 9-12  in Ultuna. We will work in RStudio, bring your own computer if possible and have RStudio and the package tidyverse and ggplot2 installed. We will be working on R tidyverse selfstudy material under guidance.

If there is time you can also bring your own data and work on this. Observe that this is a workshop on data handling and manipulation, not on statistics.


Time: 2019-09-16 09:00 - 12:00
City: Uppsala
Price: The workshop is free of charge.
Additional info:

We have 18 spots available. Apply here.