15 May

Grimsö, Ultuna

Lunch seminar: Accelerating university student and teacher collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship: The new frontier for training and job creation

Welcome to a lunch seminar with Professor Fred Kabi from Makerere University.

In order to produce graduates of agriculture who are responsive to societal challenges, it is important to understand the causes of the most pressing societal challenges, consequences faced and to design the necessary responses. Limited innovative solutions and poor access to agrifood market of conventional agricultural produce has kept agriculture in the global south unsustainable, less transformed and uninteresting to the youth. Arguably, the level of knowledge and skills equipped to the graduates of agriculture neither incite innovation nor entrepreneurship and such innovative and entrepreneurial skills are also limited among the teachers at agricultural universities. A survey was therefore conducted on attitudes, knowledge and skills needs by current and potential agricultural science employers in order to assess the gaps between training, job creation and job market demands. This would then enable universities of the East African region to respond to societal challenges of food security as part of socioeconomic development needs by developing accelerated approaches to learning in order to develop competent human resource.


Fred Kabi is an Associate Professor of animal nutrition at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University. He has been at the centre of AGcelerate from the inception through his revolutionary blended learning approaches to teaching. 

Erasmus+ICM is a EU funded program that enables student and faculty bilateral exchange. This program is a good opportunity to materialise internationalisation in educational programs. It infuses programs with international perspectives through student-student contacts in the classroom, as well as through exposure of students to guest lecturers from abroad. The Erasmus+ICM program between SLU and Makerere focusses on agripreneurship and knowledge intensive agriculture and agripreneurship and is linked to the Agcelerate initiative which aims to facilitate agripreneurship with a global perspective and stimulate knowledge intensive agriculture through activating educated youth in agribusiness. Read more: http://www.agcelerateglobal.org


Time: 2019-05-15 11:30 - 13:00
City: Ultuna
Location: Grimsö
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You are welcome to bring your own lunch.

Video link in Alnarp will be available in Spiltan, Articum.

Read more in abstract (PDF)

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