14 Nov

The library at Ultuna, Biblioteket, Ultuna

Worth knowing in Ultuna November 14

Welcome to Optimizing available nitrogen for plant growth is challenging due to the complexity of the nitrogen cycle in soils. This Worth Knowing Talk will provide an overview of the discovery of various processes within the nitrogen cycle as well as historical developments of nutrient management systems in agricultural systems.

Anke Herrmann is an Associate Professor in Soil Science, and her main research focus is on decomposition of soil organic matter in various soil ecosystems.

Here you can read more about this lecture ande the two that remains this autumn.

Welcome to Worth knowing at Ultuna November 14 at 12.15.


Time: 2019-11-14 12:15 - 13:00
City: Biblioteket, Ultuna
Location: The library at Ultuna
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Lousia Hatamian
Telefon: 018-67 23 93
E-post: lousia.hatamian@slu.se

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