Eduroam and other wireless networks

Last changed: 09 October 2020

As a student or employee you can use the wireless network "SLU". Via that network you can get access to your own stored files and the litterture services from the SLU Library. If you are not a student at SLU but visiting us you can use the network "SLU-Guest". In that case you have to contact IT Support to get a temporary account for logging on to that network.

Do you wish to use Internet with your private computer?

There is one network that is internal for SLU. It is called "SLU". It is coded, which means that you can use it for bank transactions or get access to internal SLU services like storing your files or the litterature services at SLU Library.


The "SLU" network has a WPA2 Enterprise log on where you use your SLU account name and password. You can see how it looks below.

You can either use your AD user name (without the prefix AD\), or your SLU email address when you wish to log on.


Eduroam is a collaboration consisting of many universities around the world with the aim to make it easier to use one anothers wireless networks. A student or employee whos university is connected to the eduroam collaboration can, with her user name from the home university, log on to the wireless network at all other universitys connected to eduroam. The eduroam network is also accesible at some common places, for instance many airports.

Note! The eduroam network should only be used when you are visiting some place outside SLU. As an SLU student you should internally use the wireless network "SLU" because that gives access to your SLU resources. Eduroam is only ment to give an easy way to connect to Internet, for instance for checking e-mail, but not to give access to yor document stored at SLU file servers.


To be able to use eduroam you must be authorized for that system.
On the web page you can get your SLU account, via your log on credentials to You can check if you have the valid access by logging on to this page . If you are able to log on to that page, then you have access to Eduroam.

When you visit another university that is connected to eduroam you should look for a wireless network with the name eduroam. If you find one you can log on with your SLU account and password. The SLU account name should be written [user name]

If you get problems when trying to get access to eduroam we advice you to visit us at IT Support (IT-stöd) and we will help you. Please, don't forget to bring your ID document.

If you are using an Android 7.0 mobile phone for wireless access to SLU networks you can take a look at this manual.


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