Filippa Ekroth: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano - Italy

Last changed: 15 March 2021

I´m very happy and satisfied with my Erasmus semester in Bolzano, Italy even though it became a little bit limited and short due to the special circumstances connected to Covid-19. I definitely recommend Bolzano both in terms of the education offered at the University and the possibility to do outdoors activities in the mountains.

Why did you want to do an exchange?

I wanted to learn a about another culture and country, practice my English, gain more international experience for future work opportunities, meet new people and spend time in the mountains.

Which courses did you take?

Food Value Chain Management (44703), A broad course that covered different topics and perspectives in the food value chain. Insects as pests, feed and food (44724). An introduction course to the importance of insects as pest in both primary production and stored products and as a food source for animals and humans. I really enjoyed the course since it had several virtual excursions and exercises. Cocoa and Coffee fermentations (44726). The course gave a general overview of the about the fermentation process of cocoa and coffee and the microorganisms involved in the fermentation process. The course also included virtual excursions and exercises. Scientific English (47042). A course how to improve your skills in academic English. The course included both writing and speaking practises.                                                                   

In general, I think the education and university felt quite like the educational system in Sweden, with some minor exceptions. I experienced the that courses had a lot more lecture time compared to what I´m used to from courses in Sweden and therefore also less time for self-studies. It was also a little bit different to have all the courses at the same time and all the exams in a “exam period” in the end.

What was the student life like outside of your courses?

The student life became a little bit limited due to Covid-19. Almost every planned student activity got cancelled, travelling to other regions became forbidden and later travelling outside the city boarders as well. Restaurants, shops and museums also closed. However, we did a lot of small hikes and walks in the closer mountain areas which was very nice! The Dolomitise are stunning and I really recommend Bolzano if you are interested in hikes, skiing and other outdoor activities!

What was your best experience during your exchange?

My best experience with the exchange was meeting new people, have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the mountains and hiking.

What was the biggest challenge during your exchange?

The biggest challenge for me during the exchange was definitely the distance teaching in relation to being in a new place and context. Since all the courses were held online, I never actually went to University physically and never met any of my classmates in person. The online lectures were in general quite good though and some teachers arranged virtual excursions and exercises which I really appreciated.

Advice for future exchange students


Name: Filippa Ekroth

Exchange at: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy  Program at SLU: Master´s programme in Sustainable Food Systems

Period of exchange: Autumn semester 2020