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Landscape Architecture Theory, Methodology & Practice

The course contains lectures, literature seminars with oral presentation and / or written reflections on studied literature, as well as assignments that are performed both individually and in groups.

The assignments can, for example, consist of case studies where students analyze a completed project based on studied theories and discuss and suggest methods for a hypothetical case study of the project.

The course literature deals with important theories in landscape architecture from historical texts to contemporary discourses.

Lectures given within the framework of the course are intended to introduce theories and methods used in landscape architecture.

Of particular importance is critical thinking and the use of graphic representations such as sketches, photographs, diagrams, drawings, etc. as a complement to the written and spoken word.

Information from the course leader

Welcome to the course.

You will find more information on our canvas page and there we will also keep the schedule updated with any changes as well as information about venue and zoom links.

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Course evaluation

The course evaluation is now closed

LK0408-20069 - Course evaluation report

Once the evaluation is closed, the course coordinator and student representative have 1 month to draft their comments. The comments will be published in the evaluation report.

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Academic year 2022/2023

Landscape Architecture Theory, Methodology & Practice (LK0408-20007)

2022-11-01 - 2023-01-15

Academic year 2021/2022

Landscape Architecture Theory, Methodology & Practice (LK0408-20173)

2021-11-02 - 2022-01-16

Syllabus and other information

Litterature list


The litterature will be available to purcase at the Service Center in Alnarp.

  1. Research in landscape architecture : methods and methodology
    Authors: Eds: Adri van den Brink, Diedrich Bruns, Hilde Tobi & Simon Bell
    ISBN: ISBN : 1-138-02093-1

  2. Routledge research companion to landscape architecture
    Authors: EDs: Ellen Braae & Henriette Steiner
    ISBN: ISBN : 1-315-61311-5

  3. Research strategies in landscape architecture: mapping the terrain
    Authors: Simon Swaffield & M. Elen Deming
    ISBN: ISSN: 1862-6033
    DOI: 10.3939/JoLA.2011.2011.11.34

Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: Yes The course is offered as a programme course: Landscape Architecture- Master's Programme Tuition fee: Tuition fee only for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: 74982 SEK Cycle: Master’s level (A1N)
Subject: Landscape Architecture
Course code: LK0408 Application code: SLU-20069 Location: Alnarp Distance course: No Language: English Responsible department: Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management Pace: 100%