Silvicum, Sundsvägen 3, Alnarp

“Biodiversity management in forest thinnings?

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Welcome to attend a Seminar with Delphine Lariviere, PhD at SkogForsk and the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre. Delphine is one of the PhDs at The research program FRAS, "future silviculture in southern Sweden".

Delphine is one of the PhDs at The research program FRAS, "future silviculture in southern Sweden",

Information about the topic of the Seminar, "Using thinning as a tool for biodiversity management".

Thinning templates as we know them today, are adapted for monoculture and homogeneous stands. Nowadays forestry is not as simple as planting, thinning, and clear cut. Today's forestry has evolved toward a more diverse and more complex system. Maintaining a more varied tree species pool and keeping certain features. Some of these features are linked to biodiversity conservation. For example, at final harvest, edge zones with valuable trees are retained along watercourses, mires, lakes and agricultural land. Live trees; mainly pine and deciduous tree, are left as eternal trees or seed trees. High stumps are left after final harvest to generate standing deadwood for biodiversity purpose. And broadleaves are kept in patches, as conservation areas. All creating a more diverse forest system with a series of features targeted toward nature conservation.

Thinning is one tool used to shape a more diverse system, by selecting species, ages, location, control stand density while still insuring an early income. The aim of my PhD is to identify when thinning is effective for biodiversity purpose and how to improve it for specific biodiversity variables. My project will help to identify and evaluate management schemes that promotes both biodiversity and wood production.

Eternal trees, forest along waterways, and the development of mixed forest for biodiversity purpose are the three topics that my PhD will focus on.

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Tid: 2018-11-14 14:00 - 14:30
Ort: Alnarp
Lokal: Silvicum, Sundsvägen 3
Arrangör: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
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Delphine Lariviere, email

Sidansvarig: Desiree.Mattsson@slu.se