GIS based modeling and analysis of food distribution – the case of online shopping

Publicerad: 25 oktober 2019

Even though online food shopping is increasing, its impact on logistics activities and environment needs to be understood well. Customers, policy makers and actors of food supply chain demand scientific information on the impact of changing food marketing and delivery activities.

Ansökan senast: 2019-12-20

Credits: 30 credits

Level: Advanced

Subject: Technology

Start: January 2020

This GIS based study is planned to model and evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated to the online shopping, order management, logistics activities of food products in urban areas. Case study and data collection will be determined based on interest of the student.


1. Techane Bosona (PhD), Department of Energy and Technology, SLU Email: Techane.bosona@slu.se Phone: +46 18671851 (or +46737823554)

2. Prof Girma Gebresenbet, Department of Energy and Technology, SLU Email: girma.gebresenbet@slu.se Phone: +4618671901

Sidansvarig: utb-webb@slu.se