Your responsibility as a student with a disability

Last changed: 11 May 2016

The same knowledge objectives apply to all students. The aim of the educational support is to help you overcome your disability in study situations and to study under as similar conditions as possible. Educational support should be seen as a way of helping you to help yourself – it never replaces your own responsibility.

Beginning your studies at university can be a big change to your life. Your own ability to take responsibility, plan your time and express your needs is important if you are to succeed with you studies. These are also skills that you will need in your future career. The aim is to make you as independent and successful as possible.

Here you can read about the responisibility that you are expected to take.

  • A decision on support is made following an assessment made jointly by you the student and the coordinator for support for students with a disability. 
  • If you would like an adaptation made to any kind of examination, contact the course leader well before the examination and ideally before the course begins. It is important that you give the teachers a reasonable opportunity to make practical arrangements for the examination. 
  • With regard to adapted examinations, it is the examining teacher (examiner) who determines and decides whether support measures are possible, in view of the objectives and requirements of the course/study programme. 
  • All students are assessed according to the same knowledge requirements in examinations. The objectives of the course must be achieved in order for you to pass. 
  • As a student, you are always responsible for your studies and your study situation. 
  • You must acquire the knowledge yourself and report the required knowledge.
  • You are your own information carrier. You know best how you function in different situations. You are the one who must decide who and when you want to tell about your disability. 
  • You are responsible for applying for support in good time so that it is available when you think you will need it. 
  • Do not forget to tell us about your needs prior to practical elements of your course or study programme, such as group exercises, excursions or placements, for example. You are the only one who knows what you can do in different study situations.


Study with disabilities

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