Assignment as notetaking assistant or mentor

Last changed: 08 June 2016
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If you have an assignment as a notetaking assistant or a mentor for a fellow student you can find information directed to you here. Get to know how tp report the hours you have worked in order to get the payments. Please note the you need to have an agreement withe the student disability coordinator/contact person before starting the assignment.

Notetaking assistance

Students that have been granted disability support can have notetaking assistance. A few advices for you to make it easier:

  • It is easier for you to take good notes if you have prepared for the lecture. You can prepare by leafing through the literature or by reading your notes from previous lectures.
  • If you are writing by hand it is a good idea to leave proper margins and leave some empty space between the lines.
  • Try to have clear structure in your notes by making different levels of headlines and by sorting the information.
  • Remember that the lecturer sometimes gives important information that is not on the white board or in the presentation.

Reporting the hours

The compensation for your work is SEK 70 per hour of lectures. That compensation covers the costs of making copies/print outs and preparations. The hours you have worked are reported by the month the form for notetaking assistants. State the hours as decimals, for example one hour and a quarter as 1, 25. Breaks should be subtracted.

Send an e-mail with the form to together with the schedule for the course, either as a link or as an attachment. if you send the report the first days of a month we will be able to make the payment by the end of that month. If you prefer to report several months at the same time you are welcome to do so.

Being a mentor for a student

It is commonly thought by the mentors that it is a rewarding and interesting assignment to be a mentor. By the start of a mentorship the mentor, the student and the disability coordinator/contact person meet to talk thru the assignment, make a contract and sign a agreement of confidentiality. The mentor and the student agree on how to keep contact. After your time as a mentor you are welcome to ask us for a certificate stating that you have been supporting a student with special needs.

The most important task for the mentor is to provide the student a support in creating a structured way of studying. One way to do that is to start each meeting by going through what to put as a first priority the coming week. The next week you do a follow up and do a new planning.

In being a mentor you are bound by confidentiality. That means that you are not to discuss private matters of the students with anyone else. You are permitted to talk about the student with the student disability coordinator/contact person if needed. If you are feeling that there is something about you assignment you need to discuss you are very welcome to make contact with us. It is important that you feel the support you need.

Reporting the hours

At the form for mentors you report the hours you have been doing your assignment. The compensation is SEK 130 per hour. The assignment is one hour per week if nothing else have been agreed on.






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Ask us about: studying with disabilities that might affect your studies and how you apply for student disability support.

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