What kind of support is available?

Last changed: 08 June 2016

A number of different kinds of support are available to those who have applied for and been granted special educational support. The educational support you will receive as a student is adapted to your particular disability and study situation. The support is individually structured by the coordinator/contact person and you.

Help taking notes

If you are unable to take notes properly during lectures or other teaching, you can receive help taking notes. This is in the form of a fellow student who will help you and will receive payment for this. You will usually organise this help yourself, but it must always be agreed with the contact person at the study venue. The contact person can also help you organise someone to take notes. It is possible to copy notes free of charge. 

Listening to literature on the reading list

You can borrow recorded versions of literature on the reading list from The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM)  free of charge. SLU:s librarians can you to order a user ID for you at MTM. It takes around eight weeks to produce a talking book, so it is important that you submit your orders well in advance. 

Resource computers with special software

At the SLU computers there are a number of software programmes that are particularly useful if you have reading or writing difficulties. StavaRex, SpellRight and EasyProducer are a few examples. The software is available on all student computers and you can also have some of them installed on your own computer. At most study venues there are also resource computers containing additional software, such as speech synthesis. The library staff can give you an introduction to the software. Instructions to help you get started with the software can be found on the library web site. You can also read more about the programmes on the page Software, apps and technical aids.

Adapted examinations

You can be given more time for examinations or other adaptations to examinations. For example, you can , use a computer or sit separately for written examinations. The examiner is always the one who will determine the form of examination. If you want an adapted examination, you must speak to the course leader well in advance, ideally before the course starts. 

Additional supervision

In certain cases, you can get extra supervision from a teacher, for example in relation to an independent project. Discuss how the support can be structured with your contact person at the study venue.


You can receive personal support with the structure and planning of your studies from a mentor who can also act as a discussion partner. Your mentor can be a student who is further along in their studies or sometimes a teacher.

Sign language interpreter, text interpreter

A sign language interpreter (Swedish sign language) or text interpreter can be engaged for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. 


Study with disabilities

Ask us about: studying with disabilities that might affect your studies and how you apply for student disability support.


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