About study guidance at SLU

Last changed: 09 November 2022

The study and career counsellors can give you general advice on courses and programmes at SLU. We can show you where to find detailed information about the content of courses and programmes, what the job prospects are like and also help you assess this information.

Study guidance at SLU in short

  • We can assist you with general queries on study and career choices.
  • We can help you structure your thoughts and explore the opportunities available to you, to help you make a choice that is right for you.
  • Do you have more specific questions on e.g. course content or credit transfer? Then you should contact your programme director of studies.
  • If you are taking freestanding courses or distance-learning courses, you can contact the course coordinator directly.
  • The study and career counsellors are bound by professional secrecy when it comes to personal information.
  • We can meet on campus, via Skype or on the phone. Contact us to make an appointment.

Study and career guidance in Alnarp

Street address

Sundsvägen 4, 230 53 Alnarp, Tornhuset – Utbildningscentrum
Map SLU Alnarp (Tornhuset – Utbildningscentrum: nr 14)
Finding your way to SLU Alnarp.

Study and career counsellors

Lotten Ahlqvist, study and career counsellor

Lotten Ahlqvist

  • Agroecology
  • Horticultural Science
  • Sustainable Urban Management
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Engineer
  • Agriculture and Rural Management
  • Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-Being
 Lena Swärd, study and career counsellor

Picture of Lena Swärd.

  • Agroecology
  • Horticultural Science
  • Sustainable Urban Management
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Engineer
  • Agriculture and Rural Management
  • Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-Being

Study and career guidance in Umeå

Street address

Skogsmarksgränd, 907 36 Umeå, 3rd floor – administrative section
Finding your way to SLU Umeå

Study and career counsellors

Victoria Eriksson, study and career counsellor
  • Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife
  • Euroforester
  • Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management
  • Forest Science
  • Plant Biology for Sustainable Production

Study and career guidance in Uppsala

Street address

Almas allé 8, 756 51 Uppsala, Ulls hus
Map of SLU Uppsala 
Finding your way to SLU Uppsala

Our meeting rooms are located next to the service centre in Ulls hus.

Study and career counsellors

Per Edenhamn, study and career counsellor

Per Edenhamn

  • Energy Systems Engineering
  • Environment and Water Engineering
  • Tuvet (supplementary education for veterinarians with degrees from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland)
Dagrun Ellmer, study and career counsellor

Picture of Dagrun Ellmer.

  • EnvEuro – European Master in Environmental Science
  • Plant Biology
  • Plant Biology for Sustainable Production
  • Soil and Water Management
  • Soil, Water and Environment
 Cecilia Esbjörnsson, study and career counsellor

Picture of Cecilia Esbjörnsson.

  • Animal Science
  • Environmental Communication and Management
  • Ethology and Animal Welfare
  • Sustainable Development
  • Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation
Maria Albing, study and career counsellor

Picture of Maria Albing.

  • AFEPA – Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Agricultural Economics and Management
  • Agriculture – Food Science
  • Environmental Economics and Management
  • Rural Development and Natural Resource Management
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Guidance on applying for recognition of prior learning
  • Student insurance

Study guidance for freestanding and distance-learning courses

If you are taking a freestanding or distance-learning course and have not been admitted to a programme, you can contact your course coordinator directly for any course-specific questions.

You will find contact details on the course page on the student web.

You are also welcome to contact us counsellors for guidance. We can meet on campus or via Skype or telephone.

Do you have questions about the programme you have been admitted to?

Contact the programme director of studies for your programme – they specialise in the subject and know the programme well.

They can help you with the following:

  • subject-specific questions, e.g. what courses to choose
  • questions on credit transfer
  • detailed questions on the subject and the programme such as course content
  • Questions on your advance notice when transferring credits obtained during exchange studies.

You will find contact details for the programme directors of studies on the student web, on the page for your programme.

Examples of when to contact the study and career counsellors

Have I chosen the right programme?

Perhaps you are wondering if your programme is right for you. There can be many reasons for this, and you may not have a clear idea of what you would do instead. We can help you reflect on yourself and your interests and toss about some ideas of what your options are.

How do I get to where I want to go?

Sometimes, you know where you want to go but the path to get there may feel unclear and like an uphill struggle. We can help you define strategies for taking the first step in the right direction and give you the tools for moving forward.

How can I organise my studies and make them more structured?

Studying at university often involves a fair amount of independent study, more so than at school. If you need help planning, structuring and getting an overview of your studies, you can turn to us. We can help you with study techniques and planning based on your personal needs.

I don’t know what to choose, what do I do now?

It sometimes seems like your time at university is about having unlimited choices, and you do not always know where to start. Often, there is no obvious single choice that is right. You may worry about making the wrong choice. Making a choice also means giving something else up. Make an appointment with us, and we can discuss your situation in more detail.

How do I find a job that suits me?

The path to a certain career is often anything but straight, it is a process that consists of several steps. Sometimes you know exactly what you want but not how to get there. Or you do not even know what you want.

There are no statistical facts to show what courses to take to land a particular job. What jobs are available to you depends on many other factors such as experience, your personal drive, if the employer thinks you will fit in their organisation etc.

We can help you explore your skills, ambitions and resources to help you use them in the best way possible to move ahead, to find out what you really want or how to get where you want to go.

If you are looking for a job, remember to check out the useful tips and tools at SLU Career.

What support is available?

SLU offers many different types of support that can make your time at university easier. Some types of support you have to apply for, and you may need a certificate from a specialist. Other types of support are available to all SLU students, such as software and apps to listen to instead of reading course books. Some of the study and career advisers specialise in support. You can find more information on learning support on the student web: https://student.slu.se/en/study-support/study-support/funka/.

How can I improve my study technique?

There are many tips and tools for studying smarter. You may need to try a few different techniques to find out what works for you.

Study technique covers everything from motivation to planning to note-taking and how to structure your reading assignments.

In addition to making an appointment with one of us counsellors, you can read about study techniques on the student web or visit the Centre for Academic Language where you can get support and advice on study techniques, written assignments and oral presentations.


What does professional secrecy mean?

Professional secrecy means that the study advisers will not pass on any details about your personal situation without your consent. We may need to discuss your situation with colleagues in order to give you better advice. If your or someone else’s life or health is at risk, secrecy may not apply.




Study guidance at SLU

Our study counsellors can provide guidance via video meeting or by phone.
Book a meeting

Email: studyguidance@slu.se
Telephone: +46 (0)18 67 28 00, Monday 10-12, Tuesday 10-12, Thursday 13-15.