Pluggstugan Alnarp – peer-to-peer tutoring drop-in

Last changed: 16 February 2022

At the Pluggstugan (rough translation: ‘study hut’) in Alnarp, students at bachelor level courses and programmes have the opportunity to get study tips from more experienced students through peer-to-peer tutoring. Pluggstugan is open during term time.

Pluggstugan complements teacher-led sessions and offers study techniques, tools and methods to simplify your learning process.

How Pluggstugan can help you 

Examples of questions and issues that student mentors can help with: 

  • How can I learn all those Latin plant names? 
  • How can I structure my work to advance in my studies and finish on time? 
  • I have difficulties in setting boundaries for my studies. How can I re-think what I do to succeed? 
  • Too many articles and books to read! Where do I even begin? 
  • I need a smart strategy to prep for a test. What do I do? 
  • I didn’t pass my examination. What should I keep in mind for the retake? 

Mentors do not answer questions on specific subjects or course tasks, but they can help you envision how to approach them and structure your work accordingly. Pluggstugan is also a perfect opportunity to chat with someone who’s come further in their studies and has tackled different obstacles along the way! 

When and where 

When: Wednesdays, 13.00–15.00, during term time.

Where: You can visit us in person on the first floor above the library in Alnarpsgården, or online: 

The first time you wish to visit Pluggstugan online you need to fill in a registration form (name and email): 

A confirmation email will be sent to the address you registered. In it you will find both the link to the zoom-room and the password to access it.

If you already have the password for Drop-in, you can go straight to the link below: 

Mentors observe professional secrecy and do not divulge information about the students they meet in Pluggstugan. 

Come by on your own, together with other course mates, or drop the mentors a line by e-mailing them at