SLU Mobility team is hiring two Study Abroad Ambassadors, and two Inclusion and Diversity Ambassadors!

Published: 14 April 2023

The Mobility team is part of the Division of Educational Affairs. We are looking to hire a small team of students who have previous or ongoing international mobility experience. There are up to four positions available: two Study Abroad (SA) and two Inclusion and Diversity (ID) Ambassadors. This job can be done alongside your studies at SLU.


Together with the Mobility Team, both the SA and ID Ambassadors will raise awareness about the various international opportunities available to students at SLU.

The ID Ambassadors will also focus on reaching out to people who face obstacles that make it difficult for them to access the opportunities offered by Erasmus+. This target group includes people with disabilities, socioeconomic disadvantages or people coming from underrepresented backgrounds.

Examples of activities:

  • Taking part in the welcoming activities Autumn semester 2023
  • Organizing information meetings about study abroad
  • Organizing information meetings that focus on inclusion and diversity during studies abroad
  • Short classroom visits
  • Organizing activities for new international students on campus together
  • Providing extra support for students with limited opportunities
  • Hold workshops on combatting obstacles to studying abroad
  • Social media posts and digital marketing for study abroad
  • Other projects that focus on inclusion and diversity within study abroad
  • Your own activities to inspire other students to go abroad!


In order to apply to join the team, you will need to be a registered student at SLU during the academic year 2023/24, and match 1 of the following 4 criteria:

  1. You have completed (or are to complete) an academic exchange of one or two semesters at one of SLU´s partners.
  2. You have completed an Erasmus internship.
  3. You have taken part in the Minor Field Studies (MFS) program.
  4. You are an international master student starting the second year of your program at SLU.

An additional qualification is that you like to work independently and are creative as a person.


Your application should consist of two parts:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. A video of 3-5 minutes containing the following information:
    1. Which of the above stated four criteria you match.
    2. Which of the two roles you are most interested in (SA or ID, or both).
    3. Your international experience.
    4. What you believe the benefits are of an international experience in your education.
    5. Suggestions on possible activities/events that would contribute to informing students about study abroad opportunities, or widening participation.

Additional guidelines for video: You may speak Swedish or English. Emphasis is placed on your presentation skills and not the production quality of the video. You can use any video equipment you like, but you should be visible on the screen and be heard clearly. Send the video to

Type of employment

Hourly employment, each member of the team is expected to work approximately 40-60 working hours total during the academic year 2023-2024. The students can be stationed at any one of our three campuses Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala.

Salary: The hourly rate is 130 SEK / hour.

Starting date: For the SA Ambassadors: Autumn semester, shortly before term start. For the ID Ambassadors: immediately, limited project funding until October, with possibility of extension