Paid Agriculture Internship in Ireland

Published: 21 October 2020

Irish Agricultural Internships (IAI) offer paid internships on Irish farms for between 6-24 weeks to students of agriculture related disciplines. Placements are tailor made to the student and include a weekly wage, accommodation, basic meals, training and more.

Application deadline: 2020-12-12

Internships will begin in Spring 2021 (Covid-19) depending and will run throughout the year. Anyone interested in the programme can contact us via email or our social media pages to learn more and begin the application process.

Candidates looking to apply will be expected to partake in a short video interview and will need to provide us with a resume, short motivation letter and completed application form including references.

Those looking to apply can email with a completed resume and short motivational letter.

  • Candidates are then expected to partake in a short video interview with IAI representatives.
  • Successful candidates will then be sent an application form they will need to fill out and return to IAI.
  • Once received, IAI can then begin processing the application and arrange the internship with the farm.

Irish Agricultural Internships (IAI) is an organization based in the south-east of Ireland that specializes in securing internships on Irish farms for students of agriculture related disciplines across Europe. We provide tailor made paid internships for between 6-24 weeks on the farm type of your choosing (beef, crop, dairy, equine etc.) on registered and inspected Irish farms.

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