Independent project/degree project opportunities

Published: 09 October 2020

Focus area: Organic food production, processing, and supply.

Application deadline: 2021-01-31

Credits: 30 credits
Level: Avanced
Start: January 2021 (or early)


In order to promote organic food sector it is important to develop technical solutions, standard operation procedures and guidelines leading to increased product quality and shelf life whilst reducing environmental impact and resource consumption, and system costs. In this area, there more knowledge is needed regarding product quality losses and raw material losses and food wastes.


Interested students join our research team and pursue their Thesis work applying one or more of the following scientific methods on organic food production, processing and supply:

  • Value chain analysis: considering the whole value chain approach focusing on food losses and waste (FLW) and related economic and environmental impacts
  • Environmental impact assessment: focusing on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions using tools such as life cycle analysis
  • Economic assessment: considering part or entire food supply chain and using engineering economics approaches such as life cycle cost analysis.


Techane Bosona (PhD), Department of Energy and Technology, SLU Phone: +46 18671851

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