Energy consumption and carbon footprint of organic wheat crackers

Published: 25 October 2019

In order to promote organic food sector it is important to generate knowledge in production, processing and supply of organic food leading to increased product quality and shelf life whilst reducing environmental impact and resource consumption.

Application deadline: 2019-12-20

Credits: 30 credits

Level: Advanced

Subject: Technology

Start: January 2020

This LCA study is planned to evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated to the production, drying, and supply of organic wheat based cracker (bakery product). It is intended to identify the environmental hotspots in the value chain of a cracker made of organic wheat. The study may consider mainly: agricultural production, process, baking, packaging, and transport activities.


1. Techane Bosona (PhD), Department of Energy and Technology, SLU Email: Phone: +46 18671851 (or +46737823554)

2. Prof Girma Gebresenbet, Department of Energy and Technology, SLU Email: Phone: +4618671901

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