Chief Commercial Officer for food tech start-up in Stockholm

Published: 12 November 2019

UrbanOasis is looking for someone who wants to take the future of our food production system in their own hands. We grow vertical, we grow sustainable, we grow post-organic. Experience is highly valued, as are dedication and drive.

Application deadline: 2019-12-12

UrbanOasis is a well-capitalized start-up looking for a star to help pioneer indoor vertical farming in Scandinavia and beyond. As part of moving the company from pilot stage to large-scale, we see you as a key member of our core team.

At UrbanOasis we are accelerating the transition towards sustainable food production; for healthy people and a healthy planet. Our vision is to build a decentralized network of indoor vertical farms that supply the freshest, tastiest and most sustainable greens all year round. Our greens are grown vertically in a completely closed system with artificial lighting, minimal water consumption, no soil and of course totally free from pesticides. You might call it the future of farming. We call it post-organic food production.

We do not offer employment, we offer purpose. You will join our management team as an equal partner and responsible Commercial and Marketing Director (CMD). We are excited about sustainable salad and we want to make sure everyone else is just as excited as we are.

You can expect talented, driven and unconventional co-workers. Your compensation will include meaningful equity ownership. UrbanOasis recognizes the importance of gender balance in its management team. Personal fit within the core team is of utmost importance.

You will be responsible for:
  • building and leading our sales and marketing team
  • building a globally recognized brand in the food retail sector
  • developing and executing a coherent marketing and branding strategy
  • establishing and exploring sales channels
  • running qualitative & quantitative analyses of customer & market segments
  • many more things besides marketing and sales
  • questioning the status quo and never take no for an answer
We are pretty sure that you:
  • have top-notch communication skills in English and Swedish
  • have a passion for sustainability and foodtech, and are full of ideas
  • have an academic background in marketing and/ or sales
  • know what sets apart a start-up from a mature company
  • understand the value and challenges of team work; are willing to take responsibility and ownership; are proactive and able to work independently
  • are not afraid of hands-on work with our plants.

If you dream about farming alongside us, tell us what makes you the perfect fit, attach your CV and send everything to:


We are a food tech start-up that set out with the purpose to bring healthier, tastier and more sustainable food to the many people. As a first step on this long journey we build indoor vertical farms which are operated in a completely controlled environment with artificial light, no pesticides and minimal water consumption. We will supply super-fresh, hyper-local, ultra-tasty produce to consumers in the Nordics and beyond. You might call it the future of farming. We call it post-organic food production.

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