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The coronavirus - information for staff and students

SLU follows the recommendations of the Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and the guidelines for staff and students are updated accordingly.

News articles related to the coronavirus

Vlog about distance teaching

SLU's vice-chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel and Tuva Wrenfelt, chair of the SLU Joint Committee of Student Unions (Sluss), talk about the transition to distance teaching due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus

SLU's organisation for handling the effects of the coronavirus

The SLUs crisis organisation has been activated to handle issues and any new decisions from the government.

The crisis management team meets every other morning to take any necessary new decisions. Every other afternoon, representatives from all faculties and the departments concerned meet to discuss issues that have emerged during the day.

The web page on corona, as well as the web pages for different target groups, are updated continuously. In addition, employees with operational responsibility receive regular information emails, as do students.

We work as quickly as possible to get the information out. At the same time, we must ensure that the information is correct. Please be patient. Together, we can handle this in the best way possible.


If you suspect that you have contracted the virus, read more at (emergency information from Swedish authorities), or phone 113 13 (national information number for information on emergencies) and ask for advice.

Staff who have questions about how this issue is handled at SLU, or who need practical advice in case they become infected, should contact their immediate superior.

Students should contact their programme director of studies, contact details can be found on the programme web pages.

Both staff and students should keep themselves updated via the authorities below:

Public defense of doctoral theses

In order to facilitate the implementation of public defences of doctoral theses during a period when many organisations and countries have travel restrictions, it is allowed to deviate from SLU guidelines stating that the author of the thesis, external reviewer, examining committee and chair must be physically present. If any party cannot be physically present due to travel restrictions and the faculty, through the doctoral education committee, decides that video link-up is the only option, SLU’s IT support should be booked during the defence to ensure technological quality. The doctoral education committees are also encouraged to review the possibility of finding alternative examining committee members who can be physically present. This decision applies until further notice.
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