Tips from the student web

Last changed: 30 December 2019

Here you will find some tips on how you can make your studies easier with the help of your computer. We give you tips on how to get more out of the student web and the digital support available at SLU.

My courses

Once you have logged on to the student web you will see, among other things, which courses you are enrolled and registered on. This is shown under the heading My courses. The course names are linked to the course pages. The information from the course pages (in Slunik) is displayed on the student web which means you can see most of the information about your courses in one place.

Get text messages from your courses

To receive text messages from the courses that you are registered on you need to enter your mobile phone number in Ladok Student.

If you have registred your mobile number, the IT support will be able to text you information about your student IT account if needed.

Rooms - TimeEdit

SLU's room booking system is called TimeEdit. As a student, you can use TimeEdit to see when rooms are available and which bookings have been made for your courses.

We are currently doing tests with entire timetables in TimeEdit. Our vision is that the timetables for all courses at undergraduate and Master's level will be visible in TimeEdit.

Read more about the rooms and TimeEdit.


There are three different ways of logging on to the student web to access full functionality.

  • The student web start page
    - The function you can access is My courses.
    - If you are logged on to a student computer, you do not have to enter your username and password  - just click the Login button.
  •  Canvas and My courses
    - If you have logged on to Canvas, you are also logged on to My courses and vice versa.
    - You do not need to log on to the student web start page to access Canvas or My courses, just click on the links.
  •  Email
    - You do not need to log on to the student web and then to your webmail. You can click directly on the mail link.

We know that this is an annoyance to many students and are looking into a solution to the problem.

Reading emails on your phone

We do not offer a service for forwarding emails to your private email account. However, you can choose to check your emails on your phone if you have an Android or an Iphone. Read more about email in your mobile.

My desktop

By connecting to the university's wireless network, you can access files and standard SLU software on your own computer, tablet or phone. That way you do not have to wait for a free place in a computer room. Learn more about the My desktop.

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