Placement abroad

Last changed: 15 October 2018

A placement abroad can be a good way of applying the subject knowledge you acquire through your work to your area of study. It is a good opportunity to develop your language skills and gain an insight into another culture. The time you spend on a placement may also give you valuable contacts who may help further your career.

Read more about different types of placements in the menus below. Even if a placement is not included in your studies, you can create an international profile for yourself by going on a placement abroad which you organise yourself.

Placement in a developing country

Sida offers scholarships to students and recent graduates who have been accepted on an unpaid placement at an international organisation outside Sweden, preferably a UN or EU institution.

The purpose of the Sida travel scholarship is to enable young academics to go on a placement as a means of encouraging them to consider working in the future for an international organisation which is involved in Sweden’s development collaborations.

Information about the scholarship and the placement

  • You must be accepted on a placement in order to apply for a travel scholarship. 
  • The placement shall be unpaid. By unpaid, we mean in this context that the applicant may receive neither a salary for the placement nor funding from another programme under the administration of Internationella programkontoret (the International Programme Office for Education and Training), such as the Erasmus placement scholarship. However, reimbursement of up to SEK 2,000 per month paid by the placement host is allowed. 
  • The duration of the placement must be a minimum of two months.
  • The scholarship amount is SEK 25 000 for a placement outside Europe, SEK 20 000 for one within Europe, and SEK 10 000 for one within the Nordic region. 
  • You must not have been in receipt of the Sida travel scholarship before.
  • You apply directly to the relevant organisation for the placement. For more information about placements, requests and application documents, you should always approach the relevant organisation directly. Neither Sida nor Internationella programkontoret are involved in the acceptance process.
  • The applicant must either be a Swedish citizen, have permanent residence in Sweden, or be a Nordic citizen registered as having lived in Sweden for a minimum of one year.

What to do to apply for the scholarship

It is possible to apply for the Sida travel scholarship at any time throughout the year. You apply online  (interface in Swedish) no sooner than three months before the start of the placement period and no later than one day before the start. Your application will not, however, be processed before Internationella programkontoret has received a signed application together with the supplements requested.

When you apply for a travel scholarship, you are also required to submit the following by letter:

  • Signed certificate/proof of acceptance from the placement organisation which:
    - confirms that you are accepted as a student on placement/an intern
    - confirms that the placement is unpaid
    - states the names of the organisation and department
    - states the duration of the placement
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A signed registration certificate confirming that you are registered on a course or programme at a university and/or higher education institution, or else a copy of a degree certificate from a university/higher education institution which is no more than two years old.

Submit the printed copy of the application with the documents attached thereto to the following address:

Internationella programkontoret
Sida travel scholarship
Box 1413
SE-621 25 Visby

Approved organisations for placements

Here you will find the entire list of organisations which are approved for placements covered by Sida’s travel scholarships.

Going on a placement without assistance

Here are a few tips for links if you wish to go on a placement abroad without assistance:

SLU:s career portal
Here, we regularly publich internships, several of them are internships abroad.

The International Association of Agriculture Students (IAAS) is a worldwide organisation run by students. The organisation provides information on placements where you will often be given food and lodging in return for work. 

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an international organisation whose goals are to make it easier for students primarily on technical courses at higher education level to go on an international placement, and to promote greater international understanding between students from different countries.

Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) advertises voluntary work in organic farming. You will receive food and lodging and the chance to learn about sustainable agriculture in return for work. 

Praktikförmedlingen is an agency which advertises creditable placements and internships in international development.

AIESEC is the world's largest student organization with 70,000 members worldwide in 170 countries and 2400 universities. AIESEC offers you as a student the opportunity to gain work through international student exchanges and internships in other countries.

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