Orientation programme, roll call and registration

Last changed: 25 November 2021

During the orientation programme you will get useful information about Sweden and studies at SLU. The first day of the semester is 17 January.

Information about the first class and registration

At the first class, you will receive important information about the course and the requirements in relation to examination and grading. Registration to the course is required to be able to attend classes, and will activate your insurance and student account.

If you are an exchange student or accepted to a freestanding course

If you are accepted to a freestanding course, you are usually able to register online. Online registration will be open in Ladok one week before the course starts. To be able to register online, you need to activate your student IT account first (See "How to activate your student IT account" in the checklist). If you cannot register online, your teacher can also register you at the first lecture.

If you are an international programme student

If you are admitted to a programme, registration will take place during your first class. It is mandatory to attend the roll call. Exceptions can be made if you have extenuating circumstances. If you cannot attend, you must notify antagning@slu.se no later than 09:00 the day of the roll call.

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Study guidance at SLU

Our study counsellors can provide guidance via video meeting or by phone.
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