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Last changed: 27 May 2020

Summer is rushing by and it is time to prepare for your first days at the university.  Maria Knutson Wedel, vice-chancellor of SLU and Tuva Wrenfelt, Chair of SLU's Student Union (Sluss), hereby warmly welcome you as a new student to SLU this fall.

It's not just new students coming to SLU now. As new vice chancellor and new chairman of Sluss, both Maria and Tuva look forward to a semester full of exciting meetings and interesting assignments. Maria comes most recently from Chalmers where she had responsibility for the educations. Tuva has just completed her bachelor's degree in biology and environmental science at SLU and has now chosen to work full-time for the students at SLU as chair of Sluss.

A unique university

Maria highlights how proud she is to be a part of the university.
- You made a really good choice when you applied to SLU. You will be part of a university that is unique in many ways. We are located in over 30 locations and have research and educations that are not found anywhere else in Sweden. Research and education are crucial in order to meet the global challenges of a sustainable future. Not many people know that SLU has a government assignment for environmental analysis and accounts for a large part of the environmental monitoring that takes place both on land and in water in Sweden. Here you can make a difference, if you like.

She continues:
- As a student, you get opportunities during your academic year that you may not have thought of before. Because there are more teachers per student than at most other universities, you can more easily get in close contact with both research, society and business. And look at what opportunities you have to go abroad already. On exchange studies, summer courses or through various projects - SLU is internationally highly ranked and there are scholarships so you can study in Europe or why not Canada, Asia or Africa.


It is not long before the semester starts for all new students, and there are certainly many questions that go around in your head. Where should I live? How do I find the university on the first day? Will I be able to manage the studies? Will I be happy?

- Just calm down, everything will be allright! says Tuva. Of course, it does not hurt to be a little pushy and resourceful to find housing, especially in Uppsala, Umeå and Alnarp. You will soon begin the studies and thanks to the warm welcome of the new and old students that you meet when you arrive, it will not be difficult to find friends.

The first day will start with a lot of activities. It will be a lot of new information to take in and not least is triggering the celebrity welcome weeks to really welcome you into the community at SLU for one to two weeks.

- The welcoming weeks with all the activities and fun things are likely to remain as one of the warmest memories of university time. At SLU, everyone should feel welcome, whoever you are and wherever you come from, says Tuva.


But university time is not just about studies. The time outside the lecture halls and home assignments is at least as important. The unions help you as a student with various educational issues and organise a variety of fun activities, dinners and parties during the year. As an SLU student and student union member, you not only have the opportunity to participate in and influence your education, but you can also participate in outdoor activities, pub evenings, ski trips, lunch lectures or why not sing in a choir? At the unions there is something for everyone and the opportunity is great to develop new ones!

Tuva ends with a smile:
- Whatever you have chosen for education and however you choose to set up your study time, I think you will have some fantastic years with us at SLU!

Maria also emphasises the importance of not just devoting time to study.
- Take part in student life and find friends to hang out with and connect with now when everyone is new. Then I get extra happy when I see students who are involved in the student union and help us improve our education even more.

Tuva's and Maria's 3 tips for starting the semester

  • Find accommodation in good time. In some of our places of study, finding accommodation can be a challenge. Consult with friends and family, look around various housing sites, check out the tips found on SLU's website, take help of contacts and the unions.
  • Repeat some topics during the summer. The courses will start quickly, so it may be good to be a little extra prepared.
  • Make yourself at home digitally as well as IRL; check out the student web site student.slu.se and if you have the opportunity, visit the university some day before you start, it will be less stressful to find the right first day.

Karin Holmgren, deputy vice-chancellor, SLU.


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