Coronavirus FAQ - information for newly admitted students

Last changed: 25 May 2020

This information is for international students who have been admitted for studies commencing in autumn 2020.

SLU follows the recommendations of the Swedish government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

At this time, not all questions can be answered and some answers may change before the start of the semester. This FAQ will be updated whenever there are new directives from the Swedish government and when new decisions are taken by the university. Please check back regularly for updates.

Below you will find the most commonly asked questions and the answers that are available at the moment. 

The current situation in Sweden

What is the Swedish strategy in response to the pandemic?

You can find information about the measures taken and what the aim is on the Swedish government's web page: Strategy in response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Where can I find the latest information on how the situation is developing in Sweden?

Information to the public from the competent authorities on the coronavirus and the outbreak of Covid-19 is available at

Migration and travel to Sweden

The Swedish Migration Agency is the authority responsible for processing residence permit applications. At the moment, the Migration Agency will continue to process applications for residence permits and everything related to such permits.

FAQ related to the coronavirus on the Swedish Migration Agency's website

However, depending on the local situation, several Swedish embassies abroad may have limited capacity to process your application within the normal timeframe. Please refer to your national authorities for information on any restrictions to the freedom of movement that may prevent you from visiting Sweden.

Guidance for non-EU/EEA international students in relation to COVID-19

Will I be able to travel to Sweden to commence my studies?

There is currently a temporary ban on all non-essential travel to Sweden owing to the coronavirus. The temporary entry ban began to apply on 19 March and initially applied for 30 days. The entry ban was later extended up to and including 15 June. We do not know if the entry ban will be extended or what the situation in Sweden will be like at the start of the autumn 2020 semester. This page will be updated with the latest information on the entry ban.

Questions and answers – temporary entry ban to the European Union via Sweden

Welcome programme, start of studies, roll call

Will SLU be arranging a welcome programme as usual?

We are planning to arrange the welcome programme as usual. However, at the moment we do not know if the programme will be offered digitally or on our campuses. As soon as we have more information, all students admitted to studies at SLU will be notified.

Read more about the welcome activities by choosing your campus at the web page for new students.

What if I can't submit the final documents from my university by the start of the semester?

If you have been conditionally admitted because you are in the final year of your Bachelor’s degree, you are offered a place on a degree programme on the condition that you have completed your Bachelor’s degree by the time the semester starts and can show the appropriate documents to prove it.

Show the documentation to your course coordinator. If you are not able to do so, your admission will be withdrawn.

Read more about conditional entry requirements for programmes at Master's level

Questions related to teaching

SLU follows the recommendations of the Swedish government and Public Health Authority regarding measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and has temporarily switched to distance teaching. 

At this moment, we cannot predict what the situation will be like in autumn 2020, but we hope to be able to conduct on-campus teaching. 

This page will be updated as soon as we know more. All admitted students will be notified by email of any changes regarding the form of instruction for the autumn semester.

Tuition fees and reimbursements

Are there any changes to the deadlines for paying tuition fees?

No, SLU will not extend the due date for the payment of Master's studies. This deadline remains, partly due to regulations of the Migration Agency and to allowing time for students’ residence permit applications to be processed.

Can the tuition fee be refunded if I am not able to start my studies?

A full refund will be made if you decline the study place on the programme before starting your studies, or if you do not have the possibility to come to Sweden.

Contact the Admissions Unit at SLU if you have questions on tuition fees:

Will the tuition fee be reduced if part of the programme is taught online instead of on campus?

No, the tuition fee for the programme will remain the same even if the form of instruction temporarily switches from on-campus teaching to distance-based.  

Deferment of studies

There are specific guidelines in Sweden and at SLU regarding the grounds for deferral. These grounds are related to medical situations, legal requirements or other situations that make it impossible for you to start your studies as planned.

As for the coronavirus situation, it is not in itself a ground for deferral. If you are unable to commence your studies you can apply for deferral and verify the reason for the deferral by providing documentation, for example, a doctor's certificate if you have fallen ill. When you apply for a deferral, a decision will be made on an individual basis.

Read more about applying for a deferral:

You are welcome to apply for admission again next year if your application for deferral is rejected.

Contact should you have any questions.

Student health

During study hours, all students and doctoral students are covered by the personal injury insurance for students via Kammarkollegiet (the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency).

If you are a foreign student or doctoral student, exchange student, fee-paying student or Erasmus Mundus student, SLU offers various supplementary insurance policies.
Read more about student insurance

If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland travelling to Sweden, you need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your home country. To obtain medical care at the same cost as Swedish residents, you need to register for an EHIC in your home country before coming to Sweden.

In addition, international students who have a residence permit for at least 12 months, or are admitted to studies for 13 months or more, can apply for a Swedish personal identity number from the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket. The Swedish personal identity number will entitle you to the same healthcare services as other Swedish residents.
Read more about the Swedish personal identity number and how to apply

Questions related to exchange studies

I am going on exchange studies this autumn. Will I be able to go? 

The SLU mobility team is continually following updates about the restrictions from our partner universities around the world.

Currently, SLU is planning to send students on their exchange for the autumn semester. As soon as we have any new information that can affect your exchange we will contact you.

Other frequently asked questions

A smooth start

You will find the information you need to get started with your studies, including how to activate your university account and other important steps, on our checklist for new students.

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