Thesis Day 2021 Programme

Last changed: 15 June 2021

10.00 Digital poster exhibition opens

View all participating students' projects in the digital poster exhibit

13.00-14.30 Live broadcast

Watch the recording at

(Approximate holding times in the programme)

13.00 Opening

Welcome by moderators Elin Fridlund, SLUSS and Emma Brihall, ULS

Opening remarks by Karin Holmgren, SLU's Deputy Vice-Chancellor 

13.15 Student presentations

What about perennial grains?

Karin Andrén and Ebba Kuylenstierna, Agriculture programme - Economics and Management

A Swedish Prepper - resilience, trust, and incentives to prepare for disaster

Emelie Olsson, Agriculture programme - Rural development

What's all the fuss about? The debate about a European Front-of-Package Nutrition Label

Federico Bottari, Sustainable Food Systems - Master's programme

14.00 Awards and closing ceremony

Best Poster Award and Global Sustainability Award are presented by jury representatives.

Details about the awards

Closing speech by Maria Knutson Wedel, SLU's Vice-Chancellor 

(Live broadcast ends - Thesis Day continues in with a virual mingle in Wonder)

14.30 Virtual mingle and celebration

Time to celebrate! SLU Alumna of the year, Tove Fall, will propose a toast to honour the students. It's an opportunity to ask the students questions about their projects, network with SLU alumni, celebrate with friends and family. Everyone is welcome!

Meet the following alumni representatives in the Alumni Coffee Corner:

Georg Eriksson, Agriculture programme - Economics and Management
Östersund, Sweden

Johan Hellman, Landscape Architecture programme
Karlskrona, Sweden

Daovy Kongmanila, PhD Animal Nutrition and Management

Florence Uwamahoro, PhD Plant Pathology

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