What's all the fuss about? Debate around a new European front-of-package nutrition label

Last changed: 21 May 2021
Image of scientific poster. Author: Federico Bottari

Federico Bottari, Sustainable Food Systems - Master´s Programme


What we eat has consequences on our health. Obesity and overweight are conditions associated with many diseases such as diabetes, cancers, cardio-vascular problems, etc. and thus add social, environmental and economic problems to an already aging society. Many solutions have been proposed to try to solve, or hold back, the problem and make people have healthier diets. As common problems call for common solutions, the European Union wants to create a new nutrition label to use in all the countries have that provides more information to consumers while they shop. Labels of this type already exist, but are very different from each other creating problem to consumers and the single market. As the interests at stake are many, different countries and organization argue for different types of label, creating a huge debate where it is harder to reach a solutions. My thesis looked at this debate, identifying which are the themes around which the debate unravels.


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Image of scientific poster. Author: Federico Bottari


About me

Federico Bottari

I'm fascinated by those topics where different interests, disciplines, cultures meet to crush and melt. The Master program at SLU helped me improve my abilities in systemic thinking, while expanding my comprehension of the food system. In my bachelor I focused on the farm level of food production, in these past two years I concentrated on later steps in the chain and on the chain(s) itself. Comparing the Swedish and Italian food systems was also a great opportunity, as I realized how much both systems could learn from each other. My plans after graduation include looking for a job in the food sector, might it be in a company or in another organization. My dream job would help me contribute to a more sustainable world through innovation and tasty, healthy food. Let's see what I end up doing!