The role of cooperatives in Social Solidarity Economy case study Ecuador

Last changed: 21 May 2021
Scientific poster. Author: Carla Davila

Carla Davila, Environmental Economics and Management - Master´s Programme


The current economic development based on financial profit has caused inequalities that affect the environment and the people. This situation opens the demand to new methods and models regarding the economy. Therefore, the present project seeks to study the Social Solidarity Economy approach within the cooperative context in Ecuador and identify the strengths and limitations that these organizations face. The research will use case studies analysis of different partakers in the cooperative network.


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Scientific poster. Author: Carla Davila

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Carla Davila

I am Carla Davila, I am from Ecuador. I am a firm believer in the possibility of improvement of the current conditions of the world. I advocate pursuing an economics approach that allows the development of social and environmental aspects. I believe that our efforts in the current reality should be directed to achieve equality and access to opportunities for all human beings. I think it is possible to integrate different models of economy and production to improve the quality of life of people.