How the ecological protection approach affect the total factor productivity change in cropland production in Sweden

Last changed: 25 May 2021
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Subrata Koiry, Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis - Master´s Programme


Short description of your pro: In this century, concerns are growing towards the protection of environment and its sustainability. Agriculture will be sustainable when it will be ecologically sound. The issues of sustainability appears when the productivity falls. So thesis paper aimed at to estimate the effect of adoption of ecological protection approaches on total factor productivity in Swedish crop sector. Along with it portrays the change in total factor productivity in crop land production and estimate the determinants of change in total factor productivity.

For achieving these objectives an unbalanced panel data for time period 2010 to 2016 was collected from secondary sources named as FADN (Farm Accounting Data Network) for Swedish crop Sector. Stochastic frontier analysis using translog production function used to determine the efficiency of crop sector in Sweden. After getting coefficients from efficiency model the total factor productivity was determined and decomposed into efficiency change, technical change and scale change. The OLS regression used to estimate the determinants of change in total factor productivity. Propensity score matching (PSM) technique used to determine the effect of ecological farming on total factor productivity. The mean efficiency was found as 71% for Swedish crop sector. The change in total factor productivity was volatile for the period 2010-2016.

The results of matching algorithms under propensity score matching impact indicates that there was no effect of adoption of ecological farming on total factor productivity. The average treatment effect on the treated was negative for all matching algorithms.


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