How is the primary production of potatoes affected by quality requirements?

Last changed: 21 May 2021
Image of scientific poster. Author: Madeleine Gillheimer

Madeleine Gillheimer, Agricultural programme– Economics and Management


The waste in the food chain creates financial losses and unnecessary environmental impact on how it is constructed today. The effect of losses in primary production also creates negative consequences for producers' finances, cultivatable land and the climate. These effects also impact how farmers make decisions in an agricultural business. Making the right decision can make a big difference in returns. This thesis aims to understand why wastage and losses occur in the primary sector at potato farmers and how the quality norms affect the primary sector of the losses/waste. With decisions theory and TBL theory, this thesis should review what a potato producer makes for decisions because of quality requirement from an economic, social and environmental value perspective.


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Image of scientific poster. Author: Madeleine Gillheimer


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Madeleine Gillheimer

My name is Madeleine Gillheimer and is 27 years old and study the final year at the program Agricultural Economic and Management. My thesis has focused on wastage in primary production. I have chosen this topic because it is interesting, and I believe it needs to be developed in the future.