Growth and management of Silver birch and Hybrid aspen in southern Sweden

Last changed: 24 May 2021
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Mari Tuvikene, Euroforester Master Program


The main objective of the thesis was to evaluate the early growth of silver birch and hybrid aspen depending on the management done so far. Also, to assess the growth and economy of full rotation birch stands in southern Sweden using a standard management regime.

For the evaluation of growth and development, the data was collected from 4 sites in southern Sweden - one established on agricultural land and three - on forest land. Full rotation projections of genetically improved birch showed a growth that is comparable to Norway spruce which makes it a good alternative tree species to plant in Sweden.


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Mari Tuvikene

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I am a second-year master's student in Alnarp taking the program called Euroforester. Before that, I was studying forestry in Estonia. During the university years, I have been quite an active student- I have been a member of the Estonian Forestry Students' Association and International Forestry Students' Association.